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Tips For Removing Snow From Your Roof

Tips For Removing Snow From Your Roof

Winter is upon us, and the snowfall is in full force; here are the dos and don’ts of removing snow from your roof that every homeowner should know.

While freshly fallen snow on your roof and the icicles that outline it are picturesque, it can also be a safety hazard. If you live in a snow-prone area like Northern Utah, you know how destructive it can actually be. Depending on how thick and heavy it is, it can lead to issues like leaks, loss of shingles, or could even result in a collapsed roof. Thankfully there are ways you can safely remove snow from your roof, and with our dos and don’ts guide, you’ll be ready for the next set of snowstorms.

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5 Pro Tips For Removing Snow From Your Roof

  1. Do Remove Snow When There Are Six or More Inches — It’s challenging to give a general number of inches of snow that your roof can sustain before you need to clear it off because roofs come in many different shapes and sizes; each roof is different. But, for the sake of being cautious, it’s best to stick to a safe number of inches, which we’ve found is six.
  2. Do Not Wait Until Ice Dams Appear — Ice dams form as snow melts and freezes again along the edge of your roofline. They can damage your gutter system, harm your shingles, and cause leaks in your roof. If you notice ice dams, it’s best to call in the professionals.
  3. Do Clear Low-Pitched and Flat Roofs More Often — If you have a low-pitched or flat roof, it’s ideal to clear it off more often. Homes with higher-pitched roofs can sustain more weight and, thanks to gravity, snow and water trickle off by themselves. Flat and lower-pitched roofs accumulate a lot more snow and water, and the weight can become too much to handle. So, removing snow more frequently is desirable.
  4. Do Not Wait to Remove Snow — Don’t wait for the snow to harden or, worse, freeze before you remove it. Freshly fallen snow is a lot easier to remove yourself, so begin to remove it as soon as the outdoor conditions allow.
  5. Do Not Attempt to DIY in Unsafe Conditions — If you have a multiple-story home, a high-pitched roof, or the elements do not permit you to be on your roof, then you should not attempt to do this project yourself. Instead, call a trusted professional roofing company to get the job done safely.

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