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What Should I Look For Regarding Roof Contractors?

What Should I Look For Regarding Roof Contractors?

If you’re looking for someone to tackle your next big roofing project, you may be wondering, what should I look for when hiring roof contractors? 

Whether you just need a couple of leaks patched or you’re in the market for an entirely new roof, you shouldn’t just hire the first roofer who comes up on an internet search. There are a number of factors that should go into deciding if a contractor is a good fit for you and your project.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Roof Contractor

  • A local company – a local company will be more familiar with the local codes and ordinances in your area than their counterparts from a different city or county. You are also less likely to be scammed by a company with a local reputation to uphold.
  • Good online reviews – there are multiple websites you can look at for reviews of roof contractors from their previous clients and where you can also compare and contrast pricing.
  • Proper licensing and insurance – a reputable roof contractor should be both licensed and insured and should be able to provide you with proof of both. 
  • Full warranty – look for a roofing company that offers a full warranty on both the services they offer and the materials they use. 
  • Free estimate – most reputable companies will not charge you for an estimate. If a company is attempting to charge you just for an estimate, that is a big red flag, and they could charge you unnecessarily down the road as well. 
  • Choice of materials – a solid contractor will offer you a wide variety of materials to choose from for your roof. 

Once you’ve found the right contractor, the rest should be easy. However, there are a few red flags to watch out for once you’ve already hired a company.

Red Flags to Watch out For 

  • The pressure to sign – watch out for contractors who seem to be pressuring you into signing a contract without reading it thoroughly, or are pressuring you to consider bigger projects than you had already planned.
  • Refusal to show proof – if a company has claimed to be licensed and insured but refuses to show proof when asked, this could indicate that they aren’t being truthful. 
  • Tardiness – if a contractor is continually late or absent from work, chances are, they will not finish the project on time. As well as being irritating, this behavior shows a lack of consideration for your time. 

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